On Thursday April 23rd, Penn State hosted a guest speaker. Along with winning the Turf Bowl in San Antonio, Penn State Turf students were awarded a visit from world renown agronomist and golf course consultant, Lewis Sharp, for winning the Tee-2-Green Trivia Challenge. The reward from Mr. Sharp was an informational lecture that shared just a small portion of his vast amount knowledge in the seed and golf course industries. The turf club was informed on many of the precise, painstaking processes it takes to breed and grow different types of turf. Mr. Sharp also informed us on Penn State turf legend Dr. Joe Duich's footprint in the Tee-2-Green company and how his world famous Penncross seed is their leading seller. The meeting came to a close with the presentation of a plaque from Lewis to the turf club for winning. On behalf of the turf club, I would like to extend a huge thank you to Lewis for making the trip and taking the time to teach our students a little bit of what it takes to be successful.

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On Tuesday April 21st, John Deere Golf hosted a celebration dinner for Penn State Turf Bowl Competitors, faculty, and Alumni at the Nittany Lion Inn.  Alumni from Augusta National, Merion, Shelter Harbor, and Mountaintop were present. The evening kicked off with a small mixer where students and alumni met and talked turf. Before dinner, Tom Hannigan and Dave Plaster of John Deere recognized the alumni present and the success of the PSU turf teams. Three teams placed in the top ten capturing 1st, 3rd, and 9th place. After dinner, stories and memories generated laughs by all in attendance. The students presented Dr. Ben McGraw their advisor with a framed picture of the group and a card thanking him for his dedication. Many stories about the late Dr. Joe Duich were also told, demonstrating the incredible impact he had on his students. We want to extend a big thank you to John Deere for assembling a great group and evening, celebrating Penn State’s Turf Bowl success!

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   On Tuesday March 31, the Penn State Turf Club invited Beaver Stadium Groundskeeper Paul Curtis to come and speak at our meeting. Paul's task was to inform us on the many aspects of maintaining Beaver Stadiums football field and staff. Upholding the center piece of a football history this rich requires vigorous work, time, and dedication. After hearing what Paul had to say, it's easy to see that this is no easy task. Everywhere from mowing to making sure his staff is satisfied, there are no shortcuts to making our field safe and aesthetically pleasing. Paul also hinted that Beaver Stadium might soon be hosting events other than college football games (such as the NHL Winter Classic). Even if this is just speculation, it would be a historic task for our staff, one that Paul thinks we are ready for. As requested by Joe Paterno, Beaver Stadium has ONLY played host to college football. It could be the end of an era and a movement into a new market and the ticket to a free re-sodding! On behalf of the Turf Club, I would like to thank Paul for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and meet with us. Thanks Paul!

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