On Tuesday March 31, the Penn State Turf Club invited Beaver Stadium Groundskeeper Paul Curtis to come and speak at our meeting. Paul's task was to inform us on the many aspects of maintaining Beaver Stadiums football field and staff. Upholding the center piece of a football history this rich requires vigorous work, time, and dedication. After hearing what Paul had to say, it's easy to see that this is no easy task. Everywhere from mowing to making sure his staff is satisfied, there are no shortcuts to making our field safe and aesthetically pleasing. Paul also hinted that Beaver Stadium might soon be hosting events other than college football games (such as the NHL Winter Classic). Even if this is just speculation, it would be a historic task for our staff, one that Paul thinks we are ready for. As requested by Joe Paterno, Beaver Stadium has ONLY played host to college football. It could be the end of an era and a movement into a new market and the ticket to a free re-sodding! On behalf of the Turf Club, I would like to thank Paul for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and meet with us. Thanks Paul!


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