On Thursday April 23rd, Penn State hosted a guest speaker. Along with winning the Turf Bowl in San Antonio, Penn State Turf students were awarded a visit from world renown agronomist and golf course consultant, Lewis Sharp, for winning the Tee-2-Green Trivia Challenge. The reward from Mr. Sharp was an informational lecture that shared just a small portion of his vast amount knowledge in the seed and golf course industries. The turf club was informed on many of the precise, painstaking processes it takes to breed and grow different types of turf. Mr. Sharp also informed us on Penn State turf legend Dr. Joe Duich's footprint in the Tee-2-Green company and how his world famous Penncross seed is their leading seller. The meeting came to a close with the presentation of a plaque from Lewis to the turf club for winning. On behalf of the turf club, I would like to extend a huge thank you to Lewis for making the trip and taking the time to teach our students a little bit of what it takes to be successful.


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